You Have To Believe

What has God said about you that makes you wonder if you’ve heard right? You know, that thing that your past or those around you make you question ”how could/would God chose me to do that for Him?!” Here‘s a truth we love to hear but often live absent from - God knows everything about you and has chosen you ANYWAY. He knows everything, not some things, every thing you’ve done and that you will do and loves you no less, but you have to believe Him.

I am not implying that we are not absent struggles and that we will be perfect, but I am saying the thing you have struggles with - and some times we didn’t struggle, we freely indulged - He knew it before it happened. And it did not change His mind about you or me. He is always God enough to show us how it works for our good. It is vital that we live beyond our struggles and our past because there is still a future God has for us. The struggles are lessons that teach us if we allow them. Our lives become examples to those who come after us, and sometimes struggle with us.

It is easy to say we are not qualified to try and run from the responsibility that God has given us rather than to ask Him what it requires and expect Him to be our Helper as He always is. When God gives an assignment, He also gives us instructions. We just usually come up with a way we think His assignment can be done, but He already has a way. We have to seek Him for His way and believe that He knows all. And when we consider that He knows all, that includes every thing we think is hidden because we don't talk about it.

The thing that we are ashamed of, the thing we think we would die if anyone knows, that think that felt like we would never recover is the very thing that God uses to heal us and help others. No, it doesn't feel good going through but there are so many valuable lessons we learn, including gaining the knowledge that God knows our end from the beginning and nothing that we have done or will do disqualifies us from His love. God loves us - PERIOD. It is no like any other love we will experience but we must openly receive it.

There is nothing that makes God shy away from us and whatever He has said about you He will bring it to pass. There is work we must do but He knows we are not perfect and will make mistakes on this journey of life. But He has given us Jesus as an advocate Who goes to God on our behalf. So I ask you, what is the think that God has told you to do through the Holy Spirit and you have stalled? Let's get moving a God has instructed.

Moving at His command,


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