What is Mercy

As I was spending time in prayer I heard very clearly “His mercy endure the forever.” It interrupted my thoughts and produced another level of gratitude. It also made me want to do further study on just what it means. I have often been told that it follows me but I wanted it to be more personal to me.

First, forever has no no end. Period. That means it is eternal. God and His mercy fir me is eternal. Mercy means He does not give me the punishment (eternal death - separation from God) that I deserve. Mercy defeats enemies and gives me chance after chance. Mercy wakes me up when I didn’t acknowledge God when I laid down the night before. Mercy saw me to every destination I had when I took for granted I would make it.

Mercy is another attribute of God. It’s His character. He is RICH in mercy. It is nothing I could earn but He gives it freely. I thank God for His mercy that endures forever. I thank God that Jesus Christ paid the price He didn’t owe for a debt I can never repay.

Thankful for His mercy towards me,


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