What Are You Wearing?

As we get older there are various life experiences that we have been through that has shaped our personality. From the triumphs to the struggles, we have a subconscious pull to either be something we think makes us a good person, or we wear the thing that we feel makes us in need of improvement in the eyes of others. If we have heard criticism, we adjust to make better the thing(s) we are criticized for. If we are praised for having certain characteristics then we work to improve those so that we are accepted. But there comes a time when we realize we are not the accomplishments any more than we are our failures.

Let's start with our successes. Those praises are easier to accept and are often received with gratitude. When we grow up, if we are praised for our grades,we work hard to maintain good grades in school. Rather it's sports, creativity, or just being helpful to others, when we are praised for these things we can subconsciously struggle to be who we are beyond these things. The same is true with our disappointments. (I won't call them mistakes because from every disappointment there should be a lesson we have learned.) When something negative has been pointed out about us, we can begin to make decisions around the bad feeling it left on us.

So if we are praised for "being wise" at an early age, we can feel that we do everything right and the thought of a mistake threatens to throw our whole life our of sync. We tend to overthink things or maybe even attempt to discredit the ideas of others. Even if we don't say it, we fashion our lives after what we have constantly heard be it positive or negative. We grow up, make decisions, build lives, chose careers, and have children based on these experiences. And then God calls us closer to Him and then we are left to realize some things we have been wearing is not who we are. We have been living to make others happy while being left to discover who we really are and what makes us happy.

God calls us by name and tells us that we should put off things of the flesh and be clothed in Him. Romans 13:13-14 says "Let us walk properly, as in the day, not in revelry and drunkenness, not in lewdness and lust, not in strife and envy. But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to fulfill its lusts." This gives us the responsibility when we are becoming who we are created to be. No longer living in the excuses or persecutions of our past lessons, but always victorious through Christ. We are more than conquerors always because of Christ.

And God today I ask that You would show us the garments we have put on that You have not created for us. Heal us from past pain and praise that shaped us after this world. Help us to walk according to Your will and with the desire to please You. We thank You for reminding us who we are in You and we walk after those things today and everyday. We will not rush to be anything before time, but we will allow patience to have her perfect work so we can be complete in you. In Jesus' Name we pray, praise, wait, and believe.

Putting on the Lord Jesus,


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