The Way of the Lord

So often we can come up with ideas on how to get things done. It does not matter what it is that needs to get done, we will come up with a way. Well at least I know I will. And depending upon the urgency of what it is that need to get done I rely on my wisdom. While wisdom comes from God and He does intend for us to use it, I should never be in such a rush that I am not mindful to seek Him still.

The way of God accomplishes so much more than just completing a task. In His way is His love, His peace, His joy, and our learning. His way helps us as well as others. His way brings His glory for others to see. I won' pretend or act like His way is always what I prefer either, even with all of those wonderful things that it brings. Some times His way seems slow It seems like I am losing. It seems like "they" are getting over on me. His way makes me anxious for the outcome. But most importantly His way teaches me something me about me.

When I am faced with situations that I cannot see my way clear, His way teaches me that I need to trust Him more. When what I am facing seems like it is about to overtake me, His way teaches me that He is always greater regardless of what I may face. His way shows me that when I get anxious because I cannot see my way, His record is solid and I can always trust that EVERY THING is working for His glory and my good.

So today I am changing and challenging how I remember God's faithfulness to His word concerning me. I am rehearsing His promises through His Word. I am being intentional with trusting Him and His way above what I think. I am trusting God.

The WAY of the Lord is RIGHT,


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