The Great Physician

Most times we wait until we are in pain or have some sign of sickness before going to the doctor. And then we go to the emergency room where we can get the problem handled immediately. I understand that in the natural health insurance plays a vital part in the way. But Spiritually, we have the best healthcare provider, Jesus Christ. Unfortunately we treat Him the same, in certain areas, as we do doctor in the natural. We fail to check in with how we are doing unless we have a sign that something is wrong. We do not have primary care physicians who we can visit before things to get to an emergency status.

It is vital that as we walk we Christ that we check in with Him. By check in I mean talk to Him and listen to what He tells us about us. He knows everything about us and many ties we tend to disagree with His diagnosis. We go kicking and screaming into the examination room. It tends to be only when we feel broken beyond repair do we dare consider that just maybe we need to be healed. But how do you know if you never check in? It is possible to spend a lifetime being sick and contaminating other people and not being aware. You are so use to it, you don't think you have any symptoms. But those who encounter you can become sick. You are asymptomatic.

Be encouraged and know that God is the HEALER. He calls us in for examination even if we think we are okay. He knows those things that have been keeping us "sick" and what it takes for you to be healed. Some times He will heal us immediately, and other times there is a treatment plan we must follow. But one thing that i guaranteed, when God heals us, we are healed!

Trusting the Great Physician,


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