As I was playing solitaire on my iPad, I selected to play where all of the winning deals came from. I noticed that I lost several games in that area whenever I play even though it says winning deals. I found that there was a section that said "teach me" that I had never noticed before. When I selected the teach me it was a tutorial on the game I had just previously played and it won that game. Then I went back to the winning deal to play and I lost on the initial try. But when I went to select the game my choice said "replay this game or new deal." As I was about to select a new deal I remembered the tutorial I had just seen for the previous game and realized that I should not have lost that round and simply replay that game. As I was replaying the deal, I wasn't so sure I would win, I ended up winning. As I thought about how many of the games I had forfeited or simply started a new deal because I didn't win and realized.....the game was designed for me to win!

That is when the Holy Spirit began to say to me, “don't give up when you go through challenges, when you go through different things, even when it looks like you're losing! Without looking at the tutorial you're trying to play the hand by yourself. The Word, the Bible is your tutorial in life. It teaches you how to win!”

Sometimes you simply have to go back and reset the deal and then play again knowing that it is designed for you to WIN!!!! So don't give up, don't select a new deal, but play the deal that was dealt and knows that it was dealt with your win in mind!!

Using the instructions,


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