I remember when my Pastor called a fast for peace. Of course we chuckled as he said it but I think most of us thought “well that’s easy.” But was it anything but! It was a continuous struggle for me to start at peace and remain there no matter what happened throughout my day. When I realized that one of the things God gave me I couldn’t seem to hold onto for a complete 24 hours, I knew I had to change me. What God used that fast to show me, again, was that I stay ready. My defenses will fly up almost without thought when I sense there is something coming to threaten my “peace.” That is a trust issue. Not in man but in God. The truth is no one can take my peace, I have to give it away. Once I thought about it I recall thinking how it took me fasting for something that God gave me to see I didn’t value it to keep it. I won’t lie and say I’ve mastered it 100%, but I am actively working on it. I make it a goal to have a peaceful day everyday because God has granted me that. It is a journey, but I’m willing to take it. Stress only tears down. First emotionally, then mentally, and eventually physically. So I have a choice to make daily.

Choosing to be at peace, Sonia

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