There is a saying that is as old as I can remember, which probably means it is much older, that when you ask God for patience He is going to make you wait. I’ve even heard it mentioned from a pulpit “if you don’t want to wait don’t pray for patience.” What a mighty distortion of who God is and His faithfulness in our lives.

Let us discuss some things we know about God because of His faithfulness to the Word in our lives. He is just and Holy, and there is no good thing that He withholds from us (Psalm 84:11). It is hard to settle on the fact that if I don’t have it, it is not good for ME. Yes, my sister, cousin, auntie, friend may have it and love it, but for me #ItsANo. And it’s not a “no” to be mean, it’s a “no” because it is not God’s will for my life, either at that time or at all.

I know I have heard many messages of “encouragement” that “God’s getting ready to bring ‘that thing’ to pass!” And there are “things” that will come to pass, but they come at God’s appointed time. Even the “thing” you feel like you “made happen” was allowed by God. God is not manipulated by anything we do. He is not in need of our worship nor moved by our temper tantrums. He is our Father Who loves us beyond our finite comprehension.

The scripture says in James 1:4 to “let patience have her perfect work.” Patience is abiding in God until He brings His will to pass in our lives. While we wait, it works out of the foolishness in our hearts and sinful motives that seek our own glory rather than God’s. In the wait, I have found wisdom that gave me strategy, healing that elevated my faith, and most importantly, a greater revelation of Who God is.

There was indeed a timeline I had coming out of high school. Some were met, most were not. Was I disappointed? Initially yes. But then I talked to God about my regrets and disappointments and asked Him to allow me to see what He knows. And now I rejoice in His timing! I needed every minute of my journey! Everything God has said about me shall come to pass in His time, and for you too. So do not fear. Ask God to help your patience. He’s an AMAZING FATHER!

Finding grace in the wait,


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