Now What?

Many times, we are excited when God gives us an assignment, rather it be in the marketplace or in the church. It is an awesome feeling to know that we have been chosen by God when He knows everything about us. At the time of hearing His instructions we are more than willing to obey. But then comes the process of obedience. When I say process, I mean what it takes to do what it is God has committed to your hands. He has given the instructions and provide the way, but the test of endurance is what can slow you down or second guess what we heard. For me, I have been doing business on various levels for years well before I obtained my first degree. The second degree is added benefit to me and the clients I serve. But to get to those degrees and clients I went through various seasons (times) of uncertainty. Not in God, but in my hearing because I felt like nothing was adding up to what God said. And there are still times when I go back just to make sure I heard correctly. Those are the times I realize that I must refocus on what God told me to do and seek His way to get it done. So during this pandemic I have purposely spent time putting the main thing back in the front. I had to stop looking around me so I can cheer me on just as hard as I cheer for others. I admit, it got hard and it took me a moment to realize that I tried to figure out how to get things done without asking God how He wanted me to get it done. And we are allowed these moments as they develop us and teach us about trusting God at all times. I have a daily decision to make, and I am choosing to keep pressing forward in obedience. And when tomorrow comes, I will decide all over again, Recommitting to God's plan, Sonia

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