Never Alone

As I begin to think about everything I had to do for today, business and personal, thoughts of doubt tried to take over. Those thoughts led to wondering if I’m doing everything right all the time in order to be effective. Do I have the proper support system? But as soon as I was about to be lost in those thoughts I heard “No, never alone.”

As sweetly as it assured my doubts and calmed my fears, my level of thinking changed. The way I saw what has been assigned to my hands became assuring. The worrying about my timeline shrunk in the light of God’s will. I don’t know what the test of today holds much less tomorrow, but I do know that I am never alone. It’s a promise.

So today I take sure steps knowing that my steps have been ordered. I keep my head held high in the face of the One Who knows all. My lessons have all been designed for His glory that works in my favor. Nothing He removed from is necessary for all I need His hand has provided. I take courage in that. I love God and I thank Him for His Son, Jesus Christ and the presence of the Holy Spirit that comforts all.

He promised never to leave me,


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