My Soul Waits on God

Palms 62:1

I read this scripture during my devotion this morning and it spoke to something I was thinking. It blessed me that God heard my thoughts and wanted to talk to me about it. I had to confess that I don’t want to wait on God because I have no choice, but because I trust His will for my life.

To be honest there are things that I easily trust God with because they are kind of far from me. But then there are things that are heart desires that I feel I am forced to trust God because I can’t make anything happen. But I want to trust Him because He told me that no good thing will He withhold from me. So if I truly believe there is nothing good for me He is withholding from me then waiting on Him is my pleasure.

I’m not there yet in all areas, but I can freely talk to Him about how I feel and trust that He won’t ever turn me away. I am also comforted because He is with me in the wait. There is no better companion that the Holy Spirit. So as I wait, rather in contentment or in frustration, I will continue to hope in God!

Trusting Him because He knows what’s best,


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