Love Lifted Me

As I woke up I heard "when nothing else could help, love lifted me." Through these years this song has become very personal to me. It has been the song that I often heard when the enemy tried to convince me that I was worthless and that God did not love me because of my past. Now don't get me wrong, I have sung this song many times and even liked the song, but it was not until it became personal to me am I able to sing the song without needing an audience and the words affirm God's love for me. One of the things I think we miss is that God loves us. Before we try to obey His commandments, we have to know that He loves us. Just us. I remember days and times of feeling that God's love for me was based on my performance, regarding Him as a man. Numbers 23:19 starts off telling us that "God is not a man.." That has to be the foundation of receiving the love of God, knowing He does not handle us as people (and ourselves) have handled others. He loved me (and you) even when He was the furthest person from our mind. Romans 5:8 reassures us of this. So if you have been wrestling and struggling, and the enemy has tried to make you feel unloved, please believe and know that God loves you. You! He is not not withholding His love from us until we "behave a certain way." He knows everything about you and still loves you. He knows your mistakes and your failures and still loves you. He knows your success and your victories and He still chose you. As well as our parents, friends, spouses, and children love us....none of it compare to God's love for you. Being lifted by His love, Sonia

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