Let it Be Enough

I woke up this morning I heard “let it be enough” very clearly. As I began to pray I was asking, “let what be enough?” I then started listing things that were on my mind but I couldn’t make it stick to one definite thing. But as I have continued out my day, with every thought that comes I hear “let it be enough.”

I gave thought about over extending myself for someone else and I hear “let it be enough.” I think about an event I had to decline participation in and I heard “let it be enough.” So I’m resting in the enough of Who God is and His instruction. He is enough and what He commands is enough. Who He has made me is enough and what He allows is enough. That’s the posture He has given me and it’s how I shall stand.

I will no longer try to create things for the comfort of others while being uncomfortable. I will no longer try to buffet the lessons of God for myself or others because I don’t want either of us to go through what I think is hard. I will allow His love to be enough for us all, trusting that His character never changes and His sovereignty is absolute. So from today on I move in differently and live life limitlessly because of Jesus Christ. He is ENOUGH.

Letting it be enough,


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