Let God Undo That

I have seen more and more people dealing with unspoken words. The common theme is people feeling like others should be able to “know what they’re thinking or feeling” without it being said. The common misconception seems to be that the longer you are with someone the more they should be able to read your mind or be able to discern what is wrong with you based on actions or lack there of.

The biggest part of this way of thinking is what brought you to the point of feeling like your words don’t matter. What situation happened in your life that taught you that you should suppress your feelings? God wants us to talk about how we feel, especially to Him, and those He has placed in our lives. Our God is the God of expression. He has expressed/demonstrated/made known His love for us by sending His Son Jesus Christ to die for us. He ha expressed His desire to beat from us by sending His Holy Spirit to guide us and comfort us, staying with us.

So let’s start there. Talk to God about everything! And you don’t need to fear not being heard or shame because He already knows even if you don’t say it. And when I say “say it” I mean actually talk to God out loud. I’m not saying in front of everyone or with an audience. Somewhere where you are comfortable praying out loud alone. I promise God will meet you there. He wants to heal your spiritual laryngitis and/or strep throat, and for some, even being mute.

Allowing God to undo the lie,


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