Just Checking In On You...

Hey there, how are you? No, seriously, how are YOU? Have you taken the time to answer this question lately? Not in the sense of how you appear to be for others, but when you're alone with your thoughts (or trying to avoid them...we all do it🙂) how are you? What are your hopes and dreams? Have you prayed about them? Do you have a plan on how to achieve them? What have you put in place to not be in the same place this time next year?

I have these reviews of my life often to remind myself that even though I may not be where I want to be, I still can make strides to get there. It gets hard, and I've often tried to live up to expectations that were not my own. But when I begin to really ask myself some hard questions and answered them honestly so many things began to change for me. I was able to see things I needed to change, things I need to pursue, and things I needed to just let go altogether.

So ask yourself those questions, even the hard ones, to make sure you are ok - mentally, Spiritually, and naturally! There's greatness in you!

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