Jesus Christ - Our Hope

During this pandemic, we can be so focused on what we can do in this season as though the instructions/promises are somehow now absolute. The truth is this is the time of the saints! This is the time where we experience God's sovereignty. I have witnessed and experienced God answering the prayers we prayed from our hearts but our lips have dared not to utter. What has been settled in eternity we are walking out in time. Does this mean that God is now on our timeline? No. It means it is time we align with heavens agenda without hesitation or delay.

We are witnessing people shift in their thinking and creativity because the no contact orders have proven that the old "safe way" is closed. The things that we have used to get over are now outdated and the thing Holy Spirit told us to do, that we resisted, us now being done. God has stretched us from comfort to growth, and all at one time! He is not stretching one and not the other, we are all stretching. And while no ones stretch us in the same areas at the same rate or pace, it is indeed happening. Have you looked around to see God's work? The immature and carnal things that built walls are being torn down as hearts are turning back to God. And before we get someone in mind, we all have a need to return. We have a need to repent for being slow fun, prideful, hateful, myrderous, slanderous, boastful, petty, blissful in ignorance, etc. God is not condemning us, but lovingly drawing us towards Him even now. There is no end to His love and no shortage of direction. In this, I am encouraged. I am thankful.

There are those dung this time who are having the ultimate celebration in the presence of God, and I don't pretend to know why God has allowed it, but I trust Him. I have experienced close personal death, and I trust Him now like I trusted Him then. I don't pretend to know what all tomorrow holds, but I trust that as long as God allows me to have them here on earth my days have already been orchestrated. I am here by God's will, in His time. For His purpose. He has created me to bring Him glory. No matter what we see on the news with social distancing, the new cases of COVID -19, and the daily death rates, know that GOD IS ON THE THRONE AND IN COMPLETE CONTROL. God is not trying to figure out a solution to anything that is going on right now, for He has always been our answer. He is our conquering King. He is Mlajesty. He is Holy. He is Redeemer. And He is right! So lift up your heads, our redemption draweth nigh! Luke 21:28 Encourages in His presence, Sonia

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