It Still Applies

I remember getting a prophetic word at least 15 years ago that I know was for me, but the weight of it I misapplied thinking I knew what God was talking about rather than seeking for clarity. It was a word from Psalms 91. I remember it vividly and I have it written down. But it wasn't until my devotion this morning as I was reading the scripture that I heard God say, "it still applies." It is easy to think that a word of prophecy is just for a moment, but the Word of God lasts forever and always. So it means that while I am in this storm, if I dwell in the secret place of the Most High then I can count on God being my refuge and my fortress. And most importantly it's a reminder that God is TRUSTWORTHY! So as we go through this week, let’s endeavor to remember that the Word of God applies even now. Oh for grace to trust Him more, Sonia

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