It Could Be Me....

As I was driving to work one morning I realized that there was more traffic than normal. Most people are still working from home so it’s been a smooth flow heading into the office. So much so that a normal 40 minute drive is often cut in half. But on this morning it was much more traffic and a lot of delay. Then I realized something.

I realized that I had left the house later than normal not being a good steward of my time. I decided since traffic is normally light I would leave a little later and slowed my already casual pace. I only left about 10 minutes later which seemed like no big deal at the time. Because traffic has been lighter, right? As I was driving I was aggravated because I felt like everyone on the road was slowing me down and in my way. But that was not the case at all.

They were on time, going the right pace. I was late, in a rush trying to move them along at a hurried pace. I wanted them to delay or speed up their journey because I caused delay on my own. I became aggravated with their journey. I blamed them for slowing me down and being in my way. Had I left on time, none of this would have been an issue. I was the problem and delay on my journey, not the actions of anyone else.

Applying this lesson everywhere where I need it,


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