I Need....Me

The truth is even if I had all of the support in the world, there would still be something lacking. The necessary main ingredient. It has taken me a journey to realize I have who I needed all this time - ME. I have spent an abundance of my life caretaking. You know, being the friend labeled as the motherly one. Oh and being a friend to those who have told me with no hesitancy that they never considered me a friend. Ouch! But guess what? I can’t be hurt about things I projected onto other people and wanted to believe they accepted. Since I have decided to make me the focus of my life, NEVER excluding God, things are changing to look how God has promised rather than the fantasy I was struggling to develop and maintain. The space that people have in my life is now mutual with boundaries and realistic expectations. It doesn’t mean perfection, but it island working to maintain focus on me before I can effectively assist anyone else. Appreciating and taking care of me, Sonia

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