I Am Secure

If we believe that God holds the entire world, why do we fret thinking He lacks the ability to hold us? The greatest struggle can be understanding that how we think about ourselves is not how God sees or thinks about us. He already knows our mistakes, failures, successes, disappointments, heartbreaks, breakthroughs, and victories. And none of these things ever change His mind about us or separates us from His love for us. Our thoughts can be so overwhelmingly condemning if we allow. Our mind often rehearse things we rather forget. We have scripts written that others aren’t privy to, but we expect them to play the part we have written for them. But that’s not how God operates. If the Holy God loves me enough to send His Son Jesus Christ to die for me and His Holy Spirit to guide me, then surely I can trust His direction for me. I don’t always get it right, but I’ll always pursue Him and His way above my own. Because I know Who holds my future, Sonia

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