I am Royalty

As I talked with my counselor, I was instantly able to recall all of the negative things that have been said about me. Some of them I didn’t have the wisdom to see if there was any truth to it, but just ingested it to the point of being emotionally and mentally sick with worry of what other people think of me. So much so, it was years before I learned to live free in Christ, which is and has been one of the hardest journeys yet. Everyone has an opinion about somebody, including you. Let that sink in! EVERYBODY HAS AN OPINION ABOUT SOMEBODY, INCLUDING YOU. Just because we have these opinions it does not make them true. And if they are true, all we try to judge (God is thee ONLY Judge) is the action when God knows so much more than we ever could. I have made some mistakes AND choices that I thought I would NEVER recover from. It brought on so much shame and condemnation, from my own thoughts more than others. I would mentally chastise myself for not being “good enough.” And because I added the opinions of others, I felt like this was how God thought about me. Oh how WRONG I was! Those negative thoughts about my mistakes didn’t come from God Who loves us unconditionally. Those lies opened the door to fear, manipulation, insecurity, and shame. They focused on what I had done and not on who God has made me. God loves me! I am His child! While I was yet in my sins, Jesus Christ died for me! Don’t let the enemy, self, or others deceive you. You are a child of the Most High God. You are not average, a failure, or mediocre; you are royalty. Put your crown back on.

A Royal Priesthood, Sonia

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