I Almost Forgot Who I Was.....

I was of the believe that we are to never look back. But in looking back at my graduation pictures and my book signing event, and then my candle launch it reminded me of God’s faithfulness to me. It reminded me that the journey to now was necessary and definitely worth it all.

The truth is that many times on this journey I wanted to give up. Life had made me jaded. Not because God had done anything to me but because I was just tired. I figured I would just honor God in the marketplace and be content. It wasn’t until I was in the market place that I realized just how much I needed God even after thinking I had a grasp on Him. Oh how wrong I was!

On the way to the marketplace, I went to law school and that is where I have met me, again. I have been introduced to myself without God before and did not like it at all. In order for me to see how much I needed Him, God put someone in my direct path that I had similar characteristics in order to show me what it was like to deal with me. When God wants our attention He will sometimes give you someone like you to deal with it in order to help change you. I thought I was past that and had gotten it together. Wrong again.

The friends and associates that I met challenged me to grow up daily. They all gave me the unfiltered truth that I needed and for that I am forever thankful. Every interaction with them caused me to write member who God was creating me to be in the assignment he had given me for being there. Although I did not like it at the time, now I am ever grateful for the journey.

There were hard times and things that I had to face that made me forget who God created me to be. When I was incubated in church I was always surrounded by reminders, but in an environment that has several gods there is the need to remember who the true and living God is. Without maintaining that knowledge it is possible to get lost in the World system. But I’m thankful for the Holy Spirit who is a constant reminder.

I must admit, that in the past few weeks I have been in a struggle of adjusting and preparation which has caused me to have to have that same reminder of God’s will for me. I don’t know everything that he has planned but I do know that I am in the place that He has for me at this time for His will and His glory that works out in my favor. So regardless to what goes on or what I face, I have to remember and stand on He Who is in me and with me.

I want to encourage you that as you go through different circumstances and situations to always remember that it works out in our favor and for God to be glorified in us. It is also a testimony to someone who is watching us even if they never tell us that they are doing so. Don’t let the struggle make you forget who you are…

Solidified in Christ,


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