Hey God

This morning I heard a young lady praying, and she started her prayer off with "Hey God." Not with some formal traditional way of coming, but with "Hey God." What struck me was how she approached Him. She started talking to Him like He was her friend. Like she knows Him and He knows her.  She started talking to Him like He was relational and they had a relationship. This caught me. The way she talked to our God caught me because it challenged how I see Him.  It made me take a look at how I have been handling my relationship God. My God. Our God. My Friend (John 15:15).  My Redeemer. My Helper. The God Who fights for me.

See I have been in a struggle in a place where God has set me.  I am normally strong, but in this place He commands that I lay down my natural strength and allow Him to show Himself strong and mighty. Every time something happens, I have a way I can handle it and He always says, "no."  When I say that thing breaks me down! I mean I can help them, but God knows that nothing about my help is Godly and will work no repentance (2 Corinthians 7:9-11). So because He told me no, it kept making me feel weak and vulnerable.  It made me feel like my enemies were winning. It also made me feel like God saw what was happening but did not care about what was happening. What I did not realize was it also changed how I approached God.

Because I felt, and honestly I had to reposition myself even yesterday, that they are still scheming for my downfall and God is not doing anything. What I know about God became a distant memory rather than fuel to remember that God is still in control.  As a matter of fact, I often say that when we say "still" it seems like we are implying that at some He was not. The truth is because I don't know all He knows I base who He is on what I am not. He knows all, I do not. He is in control, I am not. My "am not" never changes the dominion of God. This "hey God" has now snapped me back to Spiritual consciousness where I was in an emotional sleep walking spree. Everything was based off my emotions regarding the situation and not facts about God.

What do I mean by Spiritual consciousness? I mean that I started to just see God as Lord and Ruler so I approached Him as a King Who was in charge. But I also forgot that He is also the High Priest that can be touched with the feelings of our infirmities (Hebrews 4:14-16). I approached Him as though I was coming to a detached king that would either hear my prayer of relief or dismiss my case. I forgot that while He is always God, He has also called me friend. It is not His will that I suffer, but that I grow and growing never happens i comfortable situations or places.

Hey God, today I change the way I see You and how I talk with You. I change the category I have allowed the struggle to place You  in and I ask that You help me see it how You have designed it. I trust You as God and Friend that works all things for our good. I remember that You are my Friend that laid down His life for me. And if You laid down Your life for me than I know that You love me and that the plans You have for me far exceed those I have for myself.  So thank You for being my Friend. Thank You for being Comforter. Thank You for always being the God that fights for me. I trust You

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