Help is All Around Us....

I had the awesome opportunity to talk to a sister in Christ on tonight that I had never thought about holding any long conversations with, much less a way of helping her.  Not because I thought I was too much or any thing negative about her, I just never stopped to consider.  While on the ride home, we had very general conversation about apartments and living in Jacksonville.

When we got to her house, we begin to talk more in depth as I realized I have been to a birthday gathering right next door to her apartment and had no clue she lived there.  As we continued to talk, I realized that the conversation shifted to weightier things such as life.  As I begin to share about the last scare we faced with my grandmother, I begin to declare to her that no matter what we face, we must conclude that God is right! The more we talked about how life is happening all around us, we both had to make a decision about where we really and truly stood with God as we grow through challenges.

As we continued to talk we realized that a lot of times we suffer in silence because we feel like no one else understands what we are facing.  The truth is most times we talk or are surrounded by others who are facing the same thing or have faced the same thing.  They know the struggle, the pain, the fear, the grief, the anger, the sadness, and tears we shed while seeking understanding from God Who knows all.  Some times God will allow things that seem to knock the wind out of us to show us His strength, never to punish us.  Without a gentle reminder, the enemy of our souls would love for us to think God is mean and hates us, so He causes bad things to happen to us.

As we age, grow and mature, we find that there are more things to be concerned about than who has the latest what, rather or not we agree with a Facebook post on someone else's page, who likes us and who doesn't, secret criticism or public praise......we must make sure that we have a relationship with Christ, our family and making sure that we are finding ways to help others, even if it through a word of encouragement or a text that reminds them that someone cares.  So often we want others to be impressed by us rather than seeking to serve our brothers and sisters.

After tonight, I know that I have gained someone who will pray for me and vice versa.  Even if we never have a moment again, the wisdom of God that we shared with one another was truly transformational.  Through tears, sickness, death, healing, and just plain life, God has given us His Word to rely on and others who help build our faith through trials.  Keep your head up and lift someone else's head as we travel through life, always representing Christ and living to please Him.

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