He Restores My Soul

I have been in corporate America since high school. I have had many good experiences and some that I am totally unsure of what type of experience it was. Being a business owner, I understand that business is a game of sorts if you will. There are strategies and moves that have to be made that everyone won't always understand, but those at the top definitely will. It is a game of chess that sometimes only the strong survive. It can also be a place of stress and disease for the employees on all levels. It can be overwhelming and make you feel like a slave or it can be a relaxed environment that fosters personal growth while maintaining a professional responsibility. Often times we don't know which one we are in until, well, we are in.

I am a over-thinker. (I wanted to fix that up and make it sound pretty but I have to call it what it is.) I create scenarios in my mind of how I think things will go, especially at work, so I can be prepped with a response that is suitable for the scenario I have created. I have the positive and the negative, and some times even the indifferent responses all lined up and ready to go. Then I come up with solutions to the made up scenarios, each one of them, and try to envision how they could all possibly work out. Did that just give you a headache? It gave me one. And I mean a whole migraine through the night. I took the migraine medicine I have and even put the peppermint oil in the diffuser to aid in relief. But none of that worked. Why? Because my mind was still creating when it should have been rehearsing and resting.

When I say rehearsing I am talking about the word of God for the situation. I have had experiences with God that has He has always shown Himself faithful. But sometimes I think I can handle things and not bother God Who has bigger things to deal with. I forget that He already has a plan and that I am not in control of the script. But here I am with only 4 hours of sleep reminding myself to rest in the sovereignty of God and remember that He already knows. We tend to say "God is working it out" when in reality He has already worked it out and as I continue on in Him, He will reveal His answer to me. I am literally worrying about things I should be instant to pray about and seek His guidance.

I'm thankful to God that every time I get worried and stressed, He reminds me of Who He is! Whew...because sometimes I think I'm am the one doing the fighting and it's Him for me. I can take a situation and try to come up with a solution, and then worry about how it will turn out. I can take me far to long to remember that I can simply talk to God about it and listen for His reply. The hardest part of that is to slow my mind down from all of the possibilities and scenarios I have just created to hear Him speak through the Holy Spirit. But I am so thankful that He never gives up on me.

I'm thankful for Him drawing me close with all of the worry that was trying to consume me to remind me of my posture #Trust. A simple posture that my human will fights because it wants to know the "deets" and be in control. But I'm here by God's Grace, reminded that He has ALL power and authority, remembering He is the God Who fights for us, and trusting that ALL THINGS are for His glory that work in my favor. Today I'm choosing to trust God AGAIN! #HeRestoresMySoul #ImThankful

Constantly being restored,


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