He’s Able

When we hear the words "He's Able" we can put that all towards blessings. And it definitely applies. But there is another area where it applies. It applies to YOU. Yes, you. You know those areas that you do not even talk to God about because of shame, fear, regret, or you are simply unsure if you should? I am talking about those very things. God does not shy away from you because of anything you have done or will do, and He knows things about us we do not know about ourselves.

There is NO THING you can do to change God's mind about you. If you could that would mean you are God. There is only one God and Lord of all and it is not you nor I. So I want to challenge you to have that conversation with your Father God. I know it came seem weird if your relationship with your natural father was off or non-existent, but God is different. God never abandons us and longs to hear from us, even the hard things. Why? Because He loves us unconditionally and there is nothing to hard for Him.

I know some of us have heard that so many times and say, "oh that is because you don't know what I have done." But guess what? That thing you did a few years ago that you think no one knows but you. No one has mentioned it or treated you different. No one has asked. So you think you got away with it but it is killing you on the inside. THAT THING. Talk to God about it. HE CAN HANDLE IT. Try it and trust Him to be God. He has never failed and won't start now.

Never giving up on God,


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