God Comes For the “Why”

There are a thousand things that anyone of us can be doing at any given time that seem good. Great even. They come in the form of ideas for living, business, and/or finances. We pray about it, put it in our journal, do a bit of research, and some times we even get to work on making it happen. Then God comes after our “why.”

Why am I doing this idea? What need does this idea serve for me personally? What will I gain from putting this idea in motion? Where did this idea come from? It is possible to have a million ideas that are viable, but not for me to do.

Every idea I have I should submit to God. Why? Because He knows the way He has ordained for my life. That idea maybe one that someone else will do. It maybe for years to come. It may never be. God is for my learning and growth not just about making money or striving to be known. Let’s take our every thought to God in prayer and trust His answer.

Seeking His will above my own,


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