Even in the Storm

When we are in a storm/test/trial we tend to get panicky and put God’s character on trial. We get like the disciples on the boat and wonder if He cares because He seems to be sleep while

the winds and the waves are knocking us to and fro. (Luke 8:24)

I too have been guilty of this. I have felt like God left me to struggle and fight all alone and was just watching, or allowed my feelings to ask if He even cared. It wasn’t because I found fault in God’s character or record, but because I magnified the storm over the One Who speaks to the storm amd caused it to cease.

Today, while I am in the midst of a storm, and the seas are high and the billows are raging, I trust that God has already made a way that I shall walk into. He has not nor will ever abandon me. He is always in control and nothing about any of us takes Him by surprise. I trust that He knows the way to take my soul and I lean in to Him and His will even more.

Following His lead,


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