Be Still & Know

There are several times a year I take things to God to make sure I am where I am supposed to be. I do so in an effort to make sure that I am not overstaying in a place where the time is past. I don’t want to know when it’s time to move only via stress and struggle. I must be honest and admit that sometimes the question is birthed out of wanting to get out of a lesson that I am tired of being tested in, or I just don’t want to deal anymore. It is in these times I am reminded that God is after my development and not my comfort. I must also admit that when I am anxious my hearing can be off and it can cause me to move prematurely. But I’ve also learned that God speaks clearly through the Holy Spirit. And even when I am unsure, He will make His will known. So I have decided that I will wait until I am sure of His answer before I attempt to move. I know I won’t always be perfect in hearing, but I am certain that His grace is always with me. I won’t move, I won’t allow the test to consume me, I won’t be anxious. And when I am all of these things, I’ll trust the loving correction of my Father.

Until His will is clear, Sonia

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