Are You Still Crying

God has shifted me. There is no doubt about it that it was all Him and nothing about me other than His will concerning me. I am excited, I am elated, and filled with so much joy and appreciation. I gave God praise for doing what only He can. And then something happened in the place He is shifting me from and I immediately allowed it to bother my peace.

You see what God was done in that place has already manifested yet at the mention of something from where I used to be I forgot that I am no longer in that place to even keep up with any announcements. I have to change my mind! I have got to move my mind when God shifts me. If I don’t, I waste time being upset about something that honestly doesn’t even matter anymore.

Thats how bitterness affects our hearts once it gets set in. But today I pluck the root out through the Word of God and give it no place to re-enter. I shift with God totally - mentally as well as physically if required - so that I’m not in the place of promise crying about the wilderness.

No more tears,


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