Are You You?

I can guarantee that even in the midst of this pandemic and civil unrest there is some thing or person or place where our commitment has not wavered. We have made adjustments to how we handle those things. We plan ahead and we make sure that we are not absent without cause. We have become more deliberate and intentional with the who, what, where of our lives. But are we committed to us? Before we can answer that question, look at the list you have that you expect everyone else to come up to and see if you are that....for you. Do you show up for you? Are you intentional with how you speak to yourself? Are you mindful of what you need in various moments of the day? It is not until we can answer these questions and be that for ourselves that we can flourish when everyone else has gone away. It’s being there for us that helps us thrive when no one is cheering for us. We must determine that we will not help everyone else thrive, spend time showing up for everyone else, and never be present for our own lives. Let’s take a look at ourselves and be committed to our growth, healing, and stability first. Showing up for me, Sonia

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