Anxious For Nothing

Did you ever think you would live through a pandemic? A for real deal pandemic with no cure? We have heard about other pandemics and plagues that happened before, but with all the medical advances, who would think that in 2020 we are facing a pandemic as the medical community scrambles to find a cure? But it is happening. The pandemic is here and so are a thousand opinions, news articles - real and fake, and posts on all forms of social media every five minutes to say the least. They range from giving statics, to decrying and thoughts that is direct than the author, to encouraging everyone to just hang on until this is over. It's a lot to take in emotional, mentally, and Spiritually. Living on social media to stay updated or watching the news most of all waking hours can cause a sense of anxiety. The associated words in the Bible with anxiety convey dread, to be anxious about; care, anxiety. As a Christian, we have a heavenly Father Who loves us and cares for us. He tells us we can cast all our cares on Him, because He careth for us. That means His care is continual, it has no end. Jeremiah 17:8 gives us the example of a man who trusts in God, how his life is protected because of his trust in God. We do not love as the world, but live our lives trusting in God. And when it gets hard we have the freedom to come boldly before God in prayer to say that also (Hebrews 4:16). Don't be swayed by the strong opinions of those we associate with in social media, the news outlets, or family and friends to the point where we miss what God has instructed us to do as we seek Him during this time. We don't panic, and when we feel fear taking hold, we command it to stop in Jesus' Name. We continue to pray while taking every feeling and emotion to Him. When we get overwhelmed, we reach out to that person God has given for us to fellowship with to have a point of human interaction. But we do not allow the opinions of others to sway us out of God's will for our lives. In that, we also do not take every comment personally. For creatives, they will post about the time being right to get more projects done or completed. For business owners, you will see encouragement about Reba, ping the business idea, plan, or model. For those in the mental health community, you will see posts about being okay doing nothing and taking time to rest. For students you will see making the most of this time to get assignments done and completed. For the new stay at home teachers, you will see how appreciative they are for teachers and maybe how the adjustment is going. My point? You will a thousand things but that does not mean every thing is for YOU.

So don't allow what you read to take you over or judge others. Allow social media to be what it is, a point of contact, entertainment, encouragement, and in some cases, information that you can further research outside of Facebook. Don't try to adjust your life based on what everyone is doing. Maybe even limit how much social media and news you take in a day. During this time, we the body of Christ, are still living in the knowledge that God is always in control and nothing that is happening now has Him in a bind. He has always been God and He shall forever be in control. Anxious for nothing, Sonia

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