Always On His Mind

We feel loved and appreciated when someone we love tells us they thought about us “all day.” While we know it's possible to be on their mind a lot throughout the day, we know that other things were also on their mind. But Psalm 139:17 talks about how I am on God’s mind. Daily and constantly I am in the thought maybe of God Almighty! How incomprehensible is that? I have been trying to digest it all morning.

I think about how much my mind can be consumed with other things and processes, from personal to professional, and to know that God thinks of me like that. Wow! And then to know that it’s not just me He thinks of, but of all of us! Who wouldn’t serve a God Who is always thinking about us?

I’m thanking God today that when others forget and have mode swings (me included) I am on His mind! Oh how He loves us....

Basking in the love of Our Father,


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