All The Pieces

Yesterday was a good day. Actually a great day. But I woke up reviewing my day and felt like there were two things that happened that I want to change, areas where I can be better. The thought of those areas were about to take me into self pity, but then I remembered the Potter and the comfort of the Holy Spirit reminded me He is always with me. It immediately changed my thought process.

I begin to take the pieces to God through prayer and know that He is no way casts me aside. The pieces of me that are shameful before the Holy God. The pieces I would like to hide away and brush over. I choose to take them to God so that He can make me whole according to His will. He allows me another opportunity to get it right, but also to seek Him on how to handle it. He also reminds me that when I make a mistake, He is there to listen and correct me as only a Father can. He does not condemn me but always assists me in being better because of Who He is.

I am always working to remember that as I go throughout my days that God has given me His Holy Spirit to help me in every area of my life. Even when I fall short I have Jesus Christ as my Advocate Who is always helping me and a throne of grace in my time of need. So in case you feel beyond hope or if you are being hard on yourself because you did not get it all right, know that the grace of God restores and that you can bring Him all of your pieces.

Giving God all my pieces,


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