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Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Earlier today I started hearing: "All to Jesus, I surrender. All to Him I freely give. I will ever love and trust Him, in His presence daily live. I surrender all, I surrender all, all to Thee my Blessed Savior, I surrender all." While most of us know this song, this is something we don't often do. We give some things to God but do really give all to Him? I mean the things we think is too bad for God to hear and/or know about us. I mean the things that are hard for us so we don't want to give it to the God Who can handle it all.

Some of us have been taught that keeping our struggles to ourselves is best because some people will mishandle you. And while that is true of man, it has never been true of God. He already knows everything about us, even what we have yet to discover about ourselves. He knows we are not perfect, yet He asks us to be more like Him than to try and do something to earn His love which He freely gives. I know I have struggled with feeling like have let God down and have to fight to face Him rather than try to hide from Him. See, who He is is never based on what I am not. Or what I am, because any good I do is because of Him.

Let me tell you what happened after God spoke to me about making sure to give Him everything today....someone came with some news that made me immediately start to brainstorm on how to handle it. I was all in for about 20 minutes before I could even hear Him say "give it all to me." It wasn't that He wasn't in control or speaking, it was that I wanted to handle it so that God didn't have to worry about it. I was so fixed on possible solutions that I could not hear, much less remember, to give that to Him as well. GOD DOES NOT WORRY. Nothing shakes Him of His identity. He is God no matter what. So me trying to "take a load off of God" is nonsense. He has already made away, I am just walking into the manifestation of it. I have to trust this in every area, especially when I feel like God knows but He isn't doing anything about it. That means that there a lesson for me greater than me coming up with a plan. It means I need to read my Bible as well as pray so I rehearse the scriptures so my focus comes back. My kicking into "brainstorm mode" is a sign that I need to trust God more. And that does not make me bad, it means I have room to grow.

So this evening, I am making a conscious decision, again, to give Him everything. Not just the bad things or the things I need, but the good things that He is allowing. He wants me to tell Him about my feelings, my day, my anxieties, my successes, my failures, and everything else that concerns me. God never gets tired of caring for us. He is a good Father and He can handle anything that we face. So rather than running from God or thinking we will come to Him when we clean ourselves up, let us continually go to Him so He can make us whole.

Rehearsing the goodness of God,


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