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Living WHOLE, HEALED and RESTORED by God through His son Jesus Christ.

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Grace 2 Be Restored is a safe place that God has designed to minister to the whole person... entire person... every person, naturally as well as Spiritually - God, self, family, and others. We often pour out and left wanting, not know nor feeling confident to voice our needs, or are made to believe we are selfish for having any. God has provided His grace. Grace is unmerited divine assistance given to humans for their regeneration or sanctification. It is the help that God provides to us all. It is not given to a select few, as God is has no person He prefers above another (Romans 2:11).  Some of us have experienced struggles that told us we are not worthy to be chosen by God. We have made poor decisions that we thought discredited who God told us we are. But oh wrong those things have been. Grace is about God restoring us in His grace as though we have never messed up. Jeremiah 30:17 says, “For I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee of thy wounds, saith the Lord; because they called thee an Outcast, saying, This is Zion, whom no man seeketh after.”

  God loves you NOW in the condition you are in. He came to those of us who had/have a past deemed terrible by man but absolutely redeemable by God! So come. We welcome you to be restored with us!

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Start Living Whole, Healed and Restored 


Being Confident in Who God Has Made You

Virtual Motivation Meetup with Sonia

Sonia Y. Johnson - Author


Gracefully Restored is a book that shares a small part of how God, through His grace, restored me in places where I was broken. There are mindsets, ways, things I grew up believing, and circumstances that wanted me to believe God was for everyone but me. But I thank God that His truth is greater than any lie.

Gracefully Restored
Out Now!

When We Pray is a devotional that can be used as a foundation as believers continue to build their relationship with Christ Jesus.  These prayers have a scripture reference to point towards context of using scripture in prayer.  The prayers go line upon line with the scripture typed throughout the prayers.  The devotional is in no way intend nor could it ever replace a personal relationship with God, but it will serve as a guide, especially for those who are called to labor in prayer.   This book helps usher us into the presence of God and then worship Him freely and talk to Him from our hearts.  It also is a good way to pray through the day and write our thoughts and what we believe God has said to us in our prayer time and devotion.

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Urgency Releasing Right Now Prayers

Urgency “Releasing Right Now Prayers”, is not your everyday prayer or devotional book! Urgency is filled with prayers centered around real-life experiences, situations and challenges. These prayers are written to connect you intimately to the miraculous Power of God. It is our faith that transports us to a lifestyle of effectual and fervent prayer over ourselves and others.


Today We Win The Interactive Journal

Collective Book by Aleya Prier

The Interactive Journal and Workbook is designed to promote encouraging and motivating reflections that's designed to assist you to WIN. Use the testimonies and probing questions to set your life In Purpose.  

Buy your copy now @

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