Let’s Start This Journey


Virtual Motivation Meetup with Sonia

What to expect during our call:

  • Discuss your current goals and a little background

  • Discuss barriers to personal growth and success

  • Provide tools to encourage you work towards these goals


These calls are in no way to take the place of mental health counseling. They are strictly for the purpose of encouragement to be who God has created you to be.

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1 Session $275 * 2 Sessions $465  * 3 Sessions $660
Non-Refundable Personal Investment


Speaking Engagements


G2BR © Workshops

This workshop is intended for those who are in the place of healing. We share experiences that have bruised us but not destroyed us. We share our strengths and give hope as we all continue to grow in Jesus Christ.  We are not lacking, we are not a burden, we are not stressed, we are not failures, we are not struggling to become. We are ENOUGH!

No more listening to the lies of the enemy whispered in our ears during the night because of adverse circumstances or mistakes. We have had positive and negative experiences in life, we have made mistakes as well as triumphed. We have grown and felt like we are stagnant. Through it all, God has His hand on our lives, and we are enough. We have always been enough because of Him. Nothing we have endured changes that. It is time to live healed, whole and restored to who He created us to be from the beginning of time.

These workshops are in small groups (being held virtually due to covid) where we are intentional about our lives.