Who is Grace 2 Be Restored For?

  • Those who are called and are in the midst of breaking generational curses

  • Those who are in pursuit of being all that God has called them to be

  • Those who are agreeing with God in their process of restoration

  • Those who are finding where they fit in after trying to fit into spaces they did not belong

  • Those who know they are leaders but struggle with making sure they are leading themselves first

  • Those who know they are called to assist others in their growth process


What is the purpose of Grace 2 Be Restored?

There are things that we have lived through that we are still trying to process. Often, we use “God talk” to cope rather than His truth through revelation to heal. So, we are here to heal on purpose. We are here to be a support and encouragement as we all become the person that God has created while shedding the facade of who we thought we were supposed to be due to trauma, low self-esteem, and past experiences.


We are here to remind you that it is possible to have lived through an experience that attempted to mark you, but instead became a catalyst to your growth in God. It is time! It is time that we embrace our true selves and be done with the person we created. It is time that we be free to be who God created us to be without regret. We will not allow the past to define us any longer, and most of those we have dealt with may no longer recognize us, but here we are.

Let me introduce myself…..

Sonia Y. Johnson J.D.

Personal Development and Business Management Coach 

SYG-GTBR About.png

I had to stop fighting to become so I can be who I already am.

Sonia Y. Johnson

Everyone has a journey, and while some are similar, no two are exactly the same. God made you unique and in His image. Life has a way of making us feel otherwise at times, but God's plan and purpose for your life stands sure and secure. Although we have developed coping patterns and behaviors that can attempt to block us from reaching our highest potential, sometimes we need a coach to remind us and challenge us to grow continually. 


Sonia provides personal development strategies and impactful motivation to start a new journey towards growing into who God has called you to be.  From personal goals to business ownership, there are steps we take in order to live life complete and full as God ordained. We also need to be reminded that we matter completely to God and He has placed you here as a Kingdom answer to a problem in the earth. 


As an experienced and esteemed public speaker, author, and business owner, Sonia aims to deliver Christian, educational, and inspirational motivation and direction through one-on-one sessions or large audiences, as well as business consultation.  She creates business content from start-ups to the seasoned business owner looking to reshape the dynamics of their business.  She makes sure that every session is a personalized experience, placing a large emphasis on delivering actionable content.

Sonia has a BS in Business Administration Management and her Doctor of Jurisprudence.  She is active in her church and a leader in every environment where God has called her. Make the connection today for growth and expansion.